American Veterans Committee’s President Elected as Vice President & Chairman of World Veterans Federation’s Standing Committee for the Americas


Taipei, Taiwan – 8 September 2017, American Veterans Committee’s President Mr. Saif Khan was elected as Chairman of the Standing Committee for the Americas (SCA) (p) by a unanimous vote of the World Veterans Federation (WVF) executive board last week. The executive board met during the 22nd meeting of the Standing Committee on Asia & the Pacific (SCAP) in Taipei, Taiwan. In attendance were President Dan-Viggo Bergtun, delegates of the SCAP and delegates of observer nations. The successful conference was recognized by the President of Taiwan, who met with the executive board.

Mr. Khan was nominated last year for the position by World Veterans Federation President Dan-Viggo Bergtun while visiting Washington, D.C. As Chairman of a regional Standing Committee of the WVF, Mr. Khan will also serve as Vice President of the World Veterans Federation and join the executive board.

The World Veterans Federation (WVF) is the world’s largest international veteran’ organization. The federation consists of 172 veterans’ organizations from 121 countries representing some 45 million veterans worldwide. World Veterans Federation maintains international peace and security by application, in both letter and spirit, of the United Nations.

Mr. Khan in his capacity as Chairman of the SCA will represent all member organizations of the World Veterans Federation located in countries in the Western Hemisphere. He issued the following statement: “I’m very honored to have been elected as Chairman of the SCA and Vice President of World Veterans Federation. I look forward to working with the executive board to expand the mission of the World Veterans Federation in the Americas. Sharing our best practices and learning from other countries how they are dealing with issues affecting veterans will help all veterans tremendously, while also promoting global peace.”


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