American Veterans Committee partners with Operation MCP


For Immediate Release:    

July 20, 2016




WASHINGTON, DC — July 20, 2016, American Veterans Committee will partner with Operation Making Careers Possible (Operation MCP) to help veterans, nationally and globally, prepare them to succeed in their search for jobs as they transition from the military into their civilian careers by referring members seeking assistance with résumé and interview preparation to Operation MCP.

We are looking forward to working with Operation MCP in providing services to those who have served. Through this partnership, veterans will not only have access to networking opportunities that can help them in their career search, but they will also receive one-on-one guidance with résumé writing and interview preparation. As the Founder & President of Operation MCP stated “Our goal for the partnership is ultimately, to show veterans that as they transition into civilian life, they have support in their career aspirations. We want veterans to be able to find fulfilling careers.”

Operation MCP is an organization whose goal is to assist veterans and service members with résumé writing and interview preparation to transition them from the military to civilian workforce. By partnering with Operation MCP and having a common goal in mind, we believe our members will benefit from a wider range of services.

To learn more about Operation MCP and American Veterans Committee or how you can become involved, please contact:

Daniela Petrilli, President
Operation MCP

Saif Khan, President
American Veterans Committee


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I certify that I am a United States armed forces veteran who has not received a dishonorable discharge. I understand that it is illegal to make fraudulent claims about military service. Individuals who, with intent to obtain money, property, or other tangible benefit by making fraudulent claims of military service or miltiary award to obtain a benefit guaranteed only to veterans are subject to a fine and/or imprisonment.
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