American Veterans Committee Launches Restaurant Partnership

MostUpdatedLogoWASHINGTON, DC – July 11th,2016, American Veterans Committee will launch a nationwide partnership with restaurants around the country today.  In an effort to boost membership, American Veterans Committee will partner with restaurants that are willing to offer discounts to veterans who are members of American Veterans Committee. Restaurants interested in partnering with American Veterans Committee and offer veterans discounts should email:

Metro Bar and Grill in Richmond, Virginia is offering American Veterans Committee members a 25% “employee discount” on menu items.  In Washington, DC, Plan B Burger & Bar – Penn Quarter is offering a 20% discount to American Veterans Committee members.  American Veterans Committee thanks Metro Grill and Plan B Burger – Penn Quarter for offering our veterans/members discounts. Veterans who are not members of American Veterans Committee can join FREE online.  The process only takes 10 seconds through our website (

The American Veterans Committee (AVC) is a non-profit veterans organization that connects veterans of the United States Armed Forces to networking and job opportunities while promoting smart diplomacy worldwide. American Veterans Committee accomplishes this on the national level by organizing networking receptions and connecting veterans with potential employers. At the international level, as a member of the World Veterans Federation (WVF), American Veterans Committee works to connect veterans from the United States to veterans from other countries to promote new business opportunities, peace and diplomacy

To learn more about American Veterans Committee or how you can become involved, please visit:

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I certify that I am a United States armed forces veteran who has not received a dishonorable discharge. I understand that it is illegal to make fraudulent claims about military service. Individuals who, with intent to obtain money, property, or other tangible benefit by making fraudulent claims of military service or miltiary award to obtain a benefit guaranteed only to veterans are subject to a fine and/or imprisonment.
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