VA Backlog

The American Veterans Committee applauds the VA’s valiant efforts to date. However, the entire U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs is facing exhaustion in a vain attempt to cope with an historic inundation of claims. The current goal of 2015 to end the existing backlog is simply unacceptable.

Too many lives are being hurt financially, mentally and physically to wait for receipt of earned and owed benefits. We support creation of a presidential commission to review the VA’s efforts and interface with Department of Defense (DOD) and other entities. Reorganization or streamlining is definitely in the nation’s and veterans’ interests.

After all is said and done, how we treat our returning military directly affects national security and the entire concept of an all volunteer military.

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I certify that I am a United States armed forces veteran who has not received a dishonorable discharge. I understand that it is illegal to make fraudulent claims about military service. Individuals who, with intent to obtain money, property, or other tangible benefit by making fraudulent claims of military service or miltiary award to obtain a benefit guaranteed only to veterans are subject to a fine and/or imprisonment.
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